Garden Picnic & BBQ CHEZ MOI

Garden Picnic & BBQ CHEZ MOI

How about a super fun picnic with your friends?

Garden Picnic and BBq

With various delicious food, barbecue made fresh, pleasant company and many poses made by the best animators in the SL, you will surprise your guests.

A picnic table has 43 animations and place for 1-4 people.
♥ 23 individual animations, poses including eating, drinking, prayer and more

picnic table pose 2picnic table pose 3
♥ 10 animations for couples in love (10×2)
♥ Props: guitar, book, juice, newspaper, spoon, fork and tray.
♥ Texture-change options: Tap the table to choose from 4 wooden different colors and 9 different tablecloth textures including transparency.

table cloth picnic tablewood picnic table
For lunch, the placemat has 5 options:

♥ Sausage: 3 LI | 4 Prims
♥ Kebab: 3 LI | 4 Prims
♥ Steak: 3 LI | 4 Prims
♥ Sandwiches: 4 LI | 6 Prims
♥ Mousse: 3 Prims

The barbecue has 4 poses and props as fork and kitchen knife, juice and bread to prepare sandwich.
♥ Tap the barbecue to change the food.

bbq grill and table

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