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Snuggle Porch Set CHEZ MOI

Cold Breeze and a cozy place is perfect to enjoy a delightful day with your friends. This fully interactive set, perfect for porches, will amaze your guests and visitors.

Snuggle Pic 5 CHEZ MOI High

Snuggle Pic 3 H CHEZ MOI Snuggle Pic 2 H CHEZ MOI

The Wall Bed  has 67 animations:

♥ 20 single animations (male and female)

♥  10 animations to enjoy a moment alone

♥ 9 activities as eat, drink and read

♥ 14 animations for couples in love

♥ Several “wearable” props as book, bubble blower, phone, newspaper, guitar and a delicious cheesecake.

Snuggle Wall Bed CHEZ MOI Snuggle Wall Bed Poses CHEZ MOI


The vintage Rocking chair comes with 20 animations.

♥ Touch the seat to SWING and STOP

♥ Texture-change options: Touch the blanket to display the menu. 5 textures to choose

Snuggle Rocking Chair Poses CHEZ MOI


The gracious ottoman has 12 animations and the stool and books that decor the scenes comes with a surprise: touch the book to get a hot beverage.

Snuggle ottoman H CHEZ MOI Snuggle Stool & Decor Detail CHEZ MOI


♥ Controlled Menu

♥ SWAP Functionality

♥ Adjustable Poses


Specifications and Content:

♥ Wall Bed: 6 LI | 8 Prims

♥ Rocking Chair: 6 LI | 3 Prims

♥ Ottoman: 2 LI

♥ Blanket Box: 4 LI | 7 Prims

♥ Stool: 3 LI

♥ Book & Mugs Decor: 4 LI

♥ Wheelbarrow with woods: 5 LI

Check more informations in CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE (PG VERSION and ADULT VERSION) or, for a closer look, visit the INWORLD STORE.