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Barrel Bar with Decor CHEZ MOI

Rustic Bar with glass cups and bottles to decorate your home sweet home.


Limit Edition: Empty Rustic Bar – only 100 copies.

♥ Specification: 6 LI 


Exclusive to Limit 8 Event from September 18th to October 13th.

Taxi Here:

Enjoy and Have Fun!


Classique Cafe Set CHEZ MOI

Whimsical Cafe Set fully decorated, perfect to enjoy delightful moments.

The chair comes with 60 animations in PG version and 108 animations in Adult version:
♥ 30 single animations (15 female and 15 male)

♥ 30 animations for couples in love (15 x 2)
♥ 48 hot sex animations (24 x 2)
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

The delicious strawberry cake and an amazing Picnic Basket are part of the set.

Specification and content:
♥ Chair: 2 LI each
♥ Table: 1 LI
♥ Candle: 2 LI
♥ Strawberry Cake: 4 LI
♥ Cup of coffee: 2 LI each
♥ Basket with wine: 4 LI


This release is exclusive to ULTRA EVENT from September 15th to October 10th.

Taxi Here:

Enjoy and Have Fun!