Gelato Car CHEZ MOI

Gelato Car CHEZ MOI

This highly detailed Gelato Car will impress guests and friends with a realistic design and props to your visitors.

Touch Gelato car to display the menu – it dispenses ‘wearable’ and temp attach ice-creams props. No inventory clutter for you or your guests <3

Tons of flavors to choose!



♥ Gelato Car: 22 LI | Static Car | Modifiable | Copy
♥ Scooper: 2 LI
♥ Cups Stack: 2 LI each
♥ Waffle Cone: 1 LI each

This release is available at CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE, or visit our IN-WOLRD STORE for a closer look.

Enjoy and Have Fun!


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yum yum – Roodjuh

August 12, 2019 at 9:03 pm

[…] this Gelato car is a decorative item that you or your gast can toutch for a refreshing icecream for more detailed information Check out Chez Moi Webside […]