Cottage Chair Set CHEZ MOI

Cottage Chair Set CHEZ MOI

This comfy Adirondack chair is perfect to enjoy chilly weather, hot drinks, and pleasant gatherings.

The chair comes with 76 animations in PG Version and 144 animations in Adult Version:
♥ 32 single poses (16 male and 16 female) with tons of bento animations

♥ 44 animations for couples in love (22 x 2)
♥ 68 hot sex animations (34 x 2)
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

Choose your favourite from a selection of colours that suits your life and your style too – it comes with a HUD texture change options for the wood, blanket and pillows.

Touch the Fall Delicious Tray to grab a treat – it dispenses ‘wearable’ and temp attach prop donut and a hot drink. No inventory clutter for you or your guests <3

Specifications and content:
♥ Chair with Blanket: 5 LI
♥ Chair: 2 LI
♥ Accent Table: 1 LI
♥ Fall Delicious: 1 LI
♥ HUD Texture Change


This release is available at CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE, or visit our IN-WORLD STORE for a closer look.

Enjoy and Have Fun!