Daily Archives: February 8, 2021

Giardino Shed Set CHEZ MOI

Spring is the season of colors, flowers, and outdoor life!

Start grow and take care of your garden with this lovely Garden Shed fully interactive:

♥ Room for 1-2 avatars
♥ 6 gardener animations like planting, seeding, weeding, picking, and more.

♥ 16 single poses – female and male
♥ 46 animations for couples in love (23 x 2)

♥ 72 sex animations (36 x 2)
♥ Several “wearable” props

♥ Adjustable poses
♥ Menu controlled
♥ SWAP functionality

Choose your favorite from a selection of colors that suits your life and your style, too – it comes with HUD texture change options for the wood and bricks.

Specifications and content:
♥ Garden Shed: 11 LI | Mesh
♥ Garden Tools: 5 LI | Mesh


This release is available at CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE, or visit our IN-WORLD STORE for a closer look.

Enjoy and Have Fun!