Gacha Pool Bed – L$ 60 – Exclusive to The Gacha Garden Event from August 1st to 31st

Taxi Here:


Gacha Sunset Patio – L$ 69 


Gacha Sleep Tight – L$ 89


Gacha Comfort&Joy – L$ 59


Gacha Happy Dreams – L$ 65


Gacha Beach Day – L$ 60


Gacha Outdoor Breeze – L$ 65

Gacha Outdoor Breezy CHEZ MOI


Gacha Lyrics Deluxe – L$ 69

Gacha Lyrics Deluxe1024 CHEZ MOI


Xmas Gacha: L$ 50 each

Gacha Xmas CHEZ MOI


Gacha Travel Trunk: L$ 60

Gacha Travel Trunk


Gacha Outdoor Daybed: L$ 50


Float Ski Gacha Key: L$ 69

Float Ski Gacha CHEZ MOI


Gacha Raft Navy: L$60

Gacha Raft Navy CHEZ MOI


Wearable Ultralight Planes Gacha: L$ 50

Ultralight Plane Gacha CHEZ MOI


Gacha Vintage Patio Key: L$ 69

Gacha Vintage Patio Key CHEZ MOI

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