Unwind Area CHEZ MOI

Unwind Area CHEZ MOI

This fabulous wooden Unwind Area is perfect for soaking in all seasons and get cozy with your beloved one.

♥ Touch the control panel to access the hot tub menu – bubbling water in motion, particle steam and hot tub sounds for a realistic experience.

The area includes 102 animations in PG version and 168 animations in Adult version:
♥ 36 single animations (18 female and 18 male)

♥ 24 massage animations (12 x 2)

♥ 42 animations for couples in love (21 x 2)
♥ 66 sex poses (33 x 2)
♥ Several “wearable” and automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen (champagne – check how to place the experience in your settings)

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

♥ Specification: 25 LI


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Enjoy and Have Fun!

Alpine Bedroom CHEZ MOI

Quarto confortável e acolhedor para surpreender quem você ama.

Alpine Bedroom a

>> CAMA: A cama possui 130 animações tão romantica quanto excitante.

Alpine bed poses B

♥ Amassos, beijos, massagem e relaxamento.
♥ 16 poses individuais (8 poses, cada lugar)
♥ 6 poses de dormir (3 poses, cada lugar)
♥ 20 poses de casal (20 x 2)
♥ 4 poses de sedução (4 x 2)
♥ 30 poses de sexo super excitantes (30 x 2)
♥ Props: laptop, gato e café.

♥ 7 combinações para você escolher.

Alpine bed colors combinations

>> OTOMANO: Esse otomano vintage possui 44 animações ao todo.

♥ 24 poses individuais
♥ 10 pares poses (10 x 2)
♥ Props: Livro e café
♥ Lugar para 1-2 pessoas

alpine ottomano storea

♥ Fotos pessoais – arraste e solte suas próprias fotos no lugar selecionado.

>> ESCRIVANINHA: Delicadamente decorada, essa escrivaninha possui 10 animações.

alpine desk poses 1

♥ A cadeira possui 12 opções de estampas para você escolher.
♥ Props: magazine, newspaper, coffee, enamel, lipstick, lotion, perfume and more.

>> ESPELHO: Esse espelho multi poses possui 5 animações.

alpine mirror

♥ 7 opões de madeira para você escolher.
♥ Props: pente, secador de cabelo, rimel e mais.

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Hammock Wooden Hut CHEZ MOI

Relax and enjoy the beach with his love in a rustic log cabin full of special poses.

TENT 10b

The cabin has room for 1-2 people and 92 poses made by the best animators SL:

♥ 20 individual poses (10 female and 10 male)
♥ 18 couple poses for couples in love (18 x 2)
♥ 18 sex poses (18 x 2)
♥ Props: guitar, champagne, sunblock and grapes.


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Sakura no Hana Temple CHEZ MOI

Allow yourself to engage in a fascinating atmosphere of mystery, seduction and romance in Sakura no Hana Temple.

cherry blossom 9a

The temple has 70 poses:
♥ 26 individual poses
♥ 20 animations for couples in love (40 poses)
♥ 2 hot animations (4 poses)
♥ Poses to meditate, eat, drink, relax and dating a lot.
♥ Props: sake, tea, wine, book, pad and love letter.

cherry blossoma cherry blossom 6a

The Japanese stool has 16 poses.
♥ Prop drinks, birds, newspaper, coffee and guitar.
♥ Special Animation Tai Chi

Surprise your guests with the multiscene table: Tap the table to activate the menu that has 3 decorating options:
♥ Dinner with oriental spicery
♥ Tea Set
♥ Incense for meditation and peace times.

cherry blossom 10a

The temple also comes with a Wind Chime that gently touches the sound of the wind.
♥ Control by menu – Mute, 1/2 and full sound.

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Day Spa Multi Poses CHEZ MOI

Think outside the house and gather your friends to keep in shape and relax with the Day Spa Chez Moi set.

Day Spa Artistic

The modern lounge and parasol, the table multi scenes, the yoga mat and comfortable single chaises will create a perfect environment for a relaxing day.

♥ 14 single animations (7 female and 7 male)
♥ 12 couple animations

couple lounger day spa

♥ Towel texture-change options: 7 different texture
♥ 22 single poses (12 female and 10 male)

single lounger set day spa

♥ Texture-change options: 8 different texture
♥ 37 exercises/yoga animations
♥ Yoga, tai chi, bending, stretching and more.
♥ 5 couple massage poses to relax

Yoga Mat Day Spa

The massage table has 58 poses in all:
♥ massage menu for men and for women: 11 animations (22 poses in all)
♥ Texture-change options: The towel has 7 color to choose, just click on it to access the menu.
♥ Props: pillow and massage stones.

massage table poses 2

♥ Menu controlled
♥ SWAP functionality
♥ Adjustable Poses

The table has 4 themed decorations to harmonize with the environment – Controlled by menu.

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