We want that you have a complete satisfaction with your products. Please IM Nandavicmarjeta inworld if you have some question or problem.

♥ PRODUCTS: We do not sell products full perms.

♥ REFUNDS: We provide refund in case of double purchase for copyable products. Please send a notecard including your transaction number and date of purchase. We also encourage our clients to visit our inworld store to see the product before the purchase, so you can make sure that the product will attend your expectations. Read carefully all description of the product before the purchase.

♥ FAILED TRANSACTIONS and MISSED DELIVERIES: For all customer services queries and failed deliveries in Marketplace: please send a notecard to nandavicmarjeta inworld, including your transaction number and date of purchase. For customer services queries and failed deliveries inworld, you can access the REDELIVERY terminal at the Customer Care Area in the main store (Copy items only) or send us a message through the Contact Point at the same place.

Contact Point lets visitors and clients:
♦ Leave mail with suggestions, questions or problems.
♦ View profile and staff online status
♦ Page staff via IM and email

No more lost notecard or missed messages.

♥ CUSTOM PRODUCTS: Chez Moi Builders are not available for custom work at this time, but we really appreciate suggestions for new products, opinions or features! Please send a notecard to PaulaNanda Forder or Nanda Marjeta with your suggestions.

♥ BUY AS A GIFT: If you want to send a product as a gift, please visit us on the Marketplace or inworld, in Caspervend vendors tap the “Buy as a gift” options. Most of our products have this option – type in local chat the USERNAME of the recipient and pay the vendor.

♥ UPDATE GROUPS: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES changes group gifts once a month.

We reserve the right not to offer support to any product that has been modded in any way from the store-bought version. Since most of our products are copy, another version can easily be rezzed

We cannot offer to support/redeliveries for gacha products bought from third parties