cosmopolitan squareEvery round is available for only two weeks so make sure to pop over and explore what Cosmopolitan has to offer before it is all gone for another exciting new round.

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 ACCESS  event  is a monthly shopping event in Second Life
From the 12th of each month, until the 8th of the next,  we give our best to offer you an amazing shopping experience.

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♥ Event STARTS on 12th monthly

♥ Event ENDS on 8th monthly

Taxi for the event: ACCESS Surl



With events planned in June, September, December and March, The Arcade features an eclectic mix of designers with proven quality. Content creators are invited because of their demonstrated commitment to the quality of their merchandise and unique perspectives as artists. The result is a well-rounded collection of must-have attire, goods and novelties to delight and enthrall shoppers. Guests will discover there’s something special for everyone at The Arcade.

Taxi for the event: THE ARCADE SL






Hello Tuesday


One Day Event with max 2 items on sale set at  50L$ or 50% off.


♥ Event STARTS every Tuesday







Shiny Shabby is a monthly event inspired by a mix of vintage elegance and contemporary flair, where the most talented Second Life Creators offer skillfully crafted original mesh creations.

More info here:


♥ Event STARTS on 20th monthly

♥ Event ENDS on 15th monthly

Taxi for the event: Shiny Shabby SLurl




The Gacha Garden offers a simple but wonderful new twist to playing Gachas. The event rewards the players for just playing! Here is how it works!

Players make pulls on their favorite machines just as they normally would and every time a player does 20 pulls on a single machine they receive a special gift called a “Seed of Inspiration” along with the 20 gachas they would generally win. Here more information: THE GACHA GARDEN 







Novel Events Runs Themed Sales Events In Second Life, such as Cupid Inc, Satan Inc and Santa Inc.

 TIMELINE for Satan Inc 2020

♥ Event STARTS on October 13th

♥ Event ENDS on November 2nd







TLC has brought the Second Life population creations from some of the top creators on the grid! Each month, TLC brings you the best in fashion, home and garden, and poses all brought together in an exclusive gathering of themed events since 2013.

With the ever-changing face of Second Life, we strive to make your shopping experience amazing as well as cater to the creators in showing off their amazing creations.


♥ Event STARTS on 3rd monthly

♥ Event ENDS on 26th monthly

Taxi:  TLC Surl




untitledTRES CHIC is a group that runs a four seasons fashion & decor themed event with a venue based on the current season.  You will find exclusive releases and big brands.


♥ Event STARTS on 17th monthly

♥ Event ENDS on 10th monthly

Taxi:  TRES CHIC SLurl