Secret Garden CHEZ MOI

Secret Garden CHEZ MOI

For a fairytale, romance and peaceful atmosphere, Secret Garden CHEZ MOI.

Secret Garden Complete Main CHEZ MOI

The benches, highly detailed, feature 97 animations (male and female) made by the best animators in the grid.
♥ 23 individual animations
♥ 16 animations for you to enjoy alone (8 female and 8 male)
♥ 10 activities, including playing guitar, reading a good book, eating grapes among others

Secret Garden Benches Poses 2 CHEZ MOI
♥ 24 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)

The Bird Bath, wrapped in flowers and vine, has 31 poses
♥ 3 individual poses to chat
♥ 14 couple animations, including marriage proposal, slow dancing, kissing and hugging and more (14 x 2)

Secret Garden Bird Bath Main 2 CHEZ MOI

♥ Control by menu
♥ Functionality SWAP
♥ Adjustable Poses

The Light String stuck in the tree brings a special touch to the scenery.

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Picture below by Gabriella Marshdevil –

Chez Moi Secret Garden (2) (1)


Chez Moi Secret Garden (1)