CHEZ MOI Atica Patio Set

CHEZ MOI Atica Patio Set

Make room for everyone in the amazing Atica Patio Set! Perfect for lively gatherings with family and friends.

The chair comes with:
♥ 28 adult animations (including, reading a newspaper, drinking, eating, and chatting)

♥ 4 animations for toddlers
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses

Texture change HUD – Easy to use! You can change the cushion and parasol, and combine their colors as you wish <3

Touch the Watermelon Tray and Wrap Station to display the menu – it dispenses ‘wearable’ and temp attach props. No inventory clutter for you or your guests <3

Specification and content:
♥ Table and Parasol: 6 LI
♥ Chair: 1 LI each
♥ Watermelon Tray: 1 LI
♥ Wrap Station: 3 LI
♥ Pita Plate Decor: 1 LI
♥ Wildflower Can: 2 LI
♥ HUD Texture Change


This release is available on CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE, or visit our IN-WORLD STORE for a closer look.

Have fun, and enjoy it!

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