Sakura no Hana Temple CHEZ MOI

Sakura no Hana Temple CHEZ MOI

Allow yourself to engage in a fascinating atmosphere of mystery, seduction and romance in Sakura no Hana Temple.

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The temple has 70 poses:
♥ 26 individual poses
♥ 20 animations for couples in love (40 poses)
♥ 2 hot animations (4 poses)
♥ Poses to meditate, eat, drink, relax and dating a lot.
♥ Props: sake, tea, wine, book, pad and love letter.

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The Japanese stool has 16 poses.
♥ Prop drinks, birds, newspaper, coffee and guitar.
♥ Special Animation Tai Chi

Surprise your guests with the multiscene table: Tap the table to activate the menu that has 3 decorating options:
♥ Dinner with oriental spicery
♥ Tea Set
♥ Incense for meditation and peace times.

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The temple also comes with a Wind Chime that gently touches the sound of the wind.
♥ Control by menu – Mute, 1/2 and full sound.

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