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Watercolor Porch Bench CHEZ MOI

Nothing cozier than sitting on your porch and enjoy a delightful outdoor moments together with that special person.

Watercolor Bench Porch L CHEZ MOI

Fully interactive, has 108 animations:
♥ 45 individual poses (male and female)

Watercolor Bench Porch Single Poses CHEZ MOI

♥ 10 activities including reading, eating, drinking, playing guitar, among others

Watercolor Bench Porch Activities F CHEZ MOI

Watercolor Bench Porch Activities M CHEZ MOI
♥ 24 animations to enjoy time alone

Watercolor Bench Porch Alone F Poses CHEZ MOI
♥ 38 poses for couples (18 x 2)

Watercolor Bench Porch Couple 2 Poses CHEZ MOI Watercolor Bench Porch Couple 1 Poses CHEZ MOI
♥ Several accessories “wearable” as a glass of wine, books, guitar, etc.

Watercolor Bench Porch Colors CHEZ MOI

♥ Menu controlled
♥ SWAP Functionality
♥ Adjustable Poses

You can also choose from 9 color combinations – just click on the wood or cushion to access the menu.

♥ Specifications: 13 Land Impact | Mesh

Available at CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE or, for a closer look, visit our INWORLD MAINSTORE.


Picture By Reeika – http://crazylinesl.blogspot.ca/

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