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Polka Dots Tire Swing CHEZ MOI

Designed to amuse the “little child” inside us, this tire swing creates a playful atmosphere, full of color, perfect for outdoors environments.

Polka Dots Tire Swing Yellow 1 CHEZ MOI

Original mesh in 2 versions (horizontal and vertical)

Horizontal: The Playful Tire Swing for 1 or 2 avatars has 58 animations:
♥ 30 single poses (male and female)
♥ 28 poses for couples in love (14 x 2)

Playful Tire Swing Green Single Poses CHEZ MOI Playful Tire Swing Blue Couple Poses CHEZ MOI
Playful Tire Swing Green Couple 2 CHEZ MOI

Vertical: The Polka Dots Tire Swing has 14 individual animations and place for a person.

Polka Dots Tire Swing Blue CHEZ MOI

Both versions have the following features:

♥ Tire Swing – on / off by touching the TIRE
♥ Tap the Pillow to display the menu. You can choose is to take with or without the dots and with or without the pillow

Playful Tire Swing Green Options CHEZ MOI

♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP functionality

♥ Polka Dots Tire Swing (Vertical): 4 LI
♥ Playful Tire Swing for 1 or 2: 7 LI

Polka Dots Tire Swing Pink L CHEZ MOI

>> If you enlarge or decrease the size of These items the land impact may vary based on SL calculations.
>> Tree Not Included

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Picture bellow by Lizz Avon <3

A spring feeling2

Picture bellow by SeleneDark Neximus – http://slhotlatincorner.blogspot.ca/